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Resource 2

National Drama Drama

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
The Island, by Armin Greder
Source: See attached Word document lesson plan
This drama lesson uses the storyline of the picture book The Island, by Armin Greder (2007), published by Allen & Unwin, to stimulate drama about a man whose raft is swept ashore on a remote island. The islanders are fearful of strangers and the man is imprisoned, isolated and treated inhumanely. All but one islander become irrational and increasingly hostile towards him, until one day the mob force the man back on his raft and push him out to sea and his probable death.

This resource can support whole classes of pupils to safely interact with an imaginary 'mob' and stand up for human rights, by working in role. The drama lesson gives teachers and pupils the opportunity to enter the story, and to challenge and avoid violent actions and responses from within a fiction. In role, they can decide to create an enlightened island community that engages with a man arriving by raft humanely, thus producing a better outcome.

A whole class drama will enable pupils to explore and express some key questions and concerns including:
  • How might various islanders feel and what do they think and say when they find the stranger?
  • How might various people respond individually and/or collectively to anyone who agrees/disagrees with the majority viewpoint?
  • How might the stranger be a threat to the islanders (or is any threat imagined)?
  • What might parents and teachers tell today's and tomorrow's children about their actions towards the stranger? Will they justify or regret? Will they recount events accurately (and if not, why not)?
This drama should empower pupils to decide themselves on their actions and responses and to be aware that the choices and comments they make in the drama (and in real life) can influence outcomes for better or worse. For a selection of images from the book that could be used as further stimulus, see Google books (hyperlink below).
Links across other subjects within resource
PSHE education, English, Geography, History, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Citizenship.
Additional support
Allen & Unwin Book Publishers

Google books images from the book The Island: Island images
About Google books

Amnesty International Teacher resources (including role plays) about refugees, asylum seekers and human rights.

School Improvement Through Drama, by Patrice Baldwin (Autumn 2009), published by Network Continuum Education ISBN: 978-1855394568. Contains an additional unit of drama work based on The Island.

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