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Resource 6

NATRE - National Association of Teachers of Religious Education Religious Education

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Engaging with secondary RE: Interfaith RE, edited by Pamela Draycott
This resource aims to engage students and give them confidence to enter dialogue with the deeply held beliefs and values of others in the inter faith arena. The resource is designed to give young people the opportunity to explore diversity, differences and areas of commonality between faiths using a variety of oral and written activities. Structured to enable students to respond individually, anonymously and collaboratively to the issues, with opportunities to reflect, agree and disagree in a safe forum.

The following two sample activity extracts from the Engaging with secondary RE curriculum series from RE Today, reproduced with permission, are available for download from
  1. The same and different – respect for all. Activities developed from a project exploring how community cohesion could be promoted through RE with six schools in Bradford, Cumbria and Leeds. Each school was paired to include pupils from varied religious and cultural backgrounds. Together they shared in a variety of activities and explored shared hopes and aspirations, questions and answers. Two activities for use in schools are provided.
  2. Islamophobia: an issue for RE provides a checklist of good practice in representing Islam in RE to help combat the hostility and prejudice present in many schools.
The complete book has seven sections in total, which includes FAQs, advice to teachers on dealing with difference, ways of encouraging students to consider some of the issues surrounding 'truth claims' and activity structures for getting pupils involved in group dialogue.
Links across other subjects within resource
Citizenship: 1.3 Identities and diversity: living together in the UK – Exploring the diverse national, regional, ethnic and religious cultures, groups and communities in the UK and the connections between them.
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