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Resource 5

NATRE - National Association of Teachers of Religious Education Religious Education

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Islamophobia: Show Racism the Red Card
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In this online DVD trailer and teacher Education Pack from Show Racism the Red Card, young people and top footballers share their experiences and thoughts on the topic of Islamophobia. Suitable for work with upper KS 2 to adult: The DVD trailer provides a stimulating starting point to engage young people in valuable discussion about Islamophobia, the fear of Islam; perhaps the most stark example of prejudice in Britain today. The materials are designed to help young people:
  • challenge stereotypes and prejudice towards Muslims
  • gain a greater historical and political awareness of the climate, which has enabled Islamophobia to flourish in recent times.
The Education Pack activities are organised around four broad areas:
  • What is Islamophobia?
  • Where does Islamophobia come from?
  • Life as a Muslim
  • Show all racism the red card.
Extension activities are included together with a glossary of Islamic terms and the pack provides quotes, discussion points and suggested activities to encourage informed and thoughtful participation. Teachers can adapt these activities to match RE learning objectives and the needs of students, helping them to develop their understanding of Islam in today's world and to be able to think for themselves and recognise where others may be trying to influence them.
Links to other subjects
This pack ties in closely to the Citizenship and PSHE education curriculum
Activities can also be incorporated into the English, ICT and History and PE curriculum
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