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Resource 4

NATRE - National Association of Teachers of Religious Education Religious Education

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Listening to Children and Young People Talking
Listening to Children and Young People Talking is an online, interactive database of some 30,000 young people's responses to a range of religious and spiritual questions.

This resource offers opportunities to children and young people to explore and articulate their own beliefs and perspectives on a range of religious and spiritual topics. Pupils participate by adding their own responses and views, as well as 'listening to' the views, opinion and beliefs of others. The database can be searched by age, gender, topic, question and religious affiliation (including atheism, humanism and 'no belief').

Have your say: Primary topics include:
  • The best way to live
  • Viewpoints about death
  • Peace and conflict (Religions can bring peace and harmony, but people also fight about religion: What do you think can help people find peace and harmony?)
  • What God is like
  • Prayer
  • Freedom, truth, justice, love, forgiveness
  • A perfect world
(the secondary version includes additional topics such as 'Hopes for the Future' and 'Learning from experience')

What others have said are others' responses to the topics and are identified by a name, age and religious affiliation (including atheism, humanism and 'no belief').

All inclusions are moderated before being made available for public viewing and a 'resources' section includes pdf versions of the questionnaires and advice to teachers on how to use the questionnaires in the classroom. This resource provides the teacher with vibrant, contemporary and age appropriate quotes to engage children in thinking about the range and impact of religion and belief in Britain today.
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