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Religious Education

NATRE - National Association of Teachers of Religious Education Religious Education

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A list of resources for teachers to use in the classroom

  Resource Title and Teacher Guidance Brief Description of the Resource Accessibility
1 Using Persona Dolls in Religious Education: Introducing children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to five major world religions These extracts from the book Using Persona Dolls in Religious Education, by Shahne Vickery, introduce the use of Persona Dolls in the classroom as an enjoyable, innovative and non-threatening way to encourage young children to respond to those from other religions and races with empathy, respect and sensitivity. Persona dolls enable young children to begin to understand that people have different cultures and beliefs and are a natural, child centred way of enabling children to talk and play with 'children' from a range of religions found in Britain today.
KS 1
Fully accessible
2 Multi Faith Event for children This web-based pdf and associated video clips describe a whole-day 'conference' activity, which brings together children and faith community workshop leaders. These resources illustrate that a multi-faith event for children is a practical and creative way of helping them engage with members of local faith communities.
KS 2
Fully accessible
3 Exploring Religion Around Me
Exploring Codes for Living – Exploring commitment: using digital storytelling
These two pdf activity extracts from RE Today primary curriculum publications Exploring Religion Around Me and Exploring Codes for Living, edited by Joyce Mackley, are designed to help pupils 'encounter' people from other faiths and beliefs through listening to their 'story', through means of digital storytelling and interviewing. These resources also illustrate strategies for teaching and learning, which teachers can adapt in their own contexts and to the needs of their pupils.
KS 2
Children with communication difficulties may not be able to access this resource. SEN teachers will also need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals
4 Listening to Children and Young People Talking This online, interactive database of some 30,000 young people's responses to a range of religious and spiritual questions, enables children and young people to reflect on, and express their own ideas and beliefs on religious and philosophical questions and to 'hear' the views, opinions and beliefs of others. The database provides the teacher with vibrant, contemporary and age appropriate quotes to engage children in thinking about the range and impact of religion and belief in Britain today.
KS 1&2 and 3&4
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals
5 Islamophobia: Show Racism the Red Card In this online DVD trailer and teacher Education Pack from Show Racism the Red Card, young people and top footballers share their experiences and thoughts on the topic of Islamophobia. The clip provides a stimulating starting point to engage young people in valuable discussion about Islamophobia, the fear of Islam. Teachers can adapt the activities in the Education Pack to match RE learning objectives and student needs in order to encourage informed and thoughtful participation and develop their ability to think for themselves.
KS 2 to adult
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals
This resource has also been identified for use in PSHE education
6 Engaging with secondary RE: Interfaith RE These pdf extracts from RE Today secondary curriculum publication Engaging with secondary RE: Interfaith RE, edited by Pamela Draycott, consist of classroom activities and teacher support materials and aims to engage students and give them confidence to enter dialogue with the deeply held beliefs and values of others in the inter faith arena. The resource is designed to give young people the opportunity to explore diversity, differences and areas of commonality between faiths using a variety of oral and written activities.
KS 3&4
Fully accessible
7 Friends, Strangers, Citizens? Life in Britain post 7/7 Video clips and support materials from this online resource set offer a thoughtful exploration of the events of '7/7', the London transport bombings. The resource is ideal for starting discussion and opening up some big ideas about cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism. Key themes explored include the threat of terror, the role of religion, multiculturalism and freedom of speech.
South Asian Development Partnership - refer to guidance page for access to complete resource materials
KS 3&4
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals
8 Peacemakers This online resource uses film, music, photography and other media to improve understanding in the UK between Christians, Muslims and others post '7/7', and promoting positive action. The materials offer a powerful contemporary stimulus for work on topics such as peacemaking, prejudice, conflict and the impact of religious beliefs, and can support the development of students' ability to investigate and explain, express insight into, evaluate and reflect upon a range of themes, ideas, challenges and issues.
KS 3&4 to post 16
Fully accessible

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