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Resource 7

The Historical Association History

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
WDWTWA? Unity and Union – what does the Union flag represent?
Source: – The resource is available to download from the 'Who Do We Think We Are?' website.
Starting from the position of how British people use the Flag today, pupils are asked to consider the importance of the flag in 1897 (Queen Victoria's Jubilee) 1940 (WW2) and 2002 (Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee) and are asked the question 'do we need a new flag today?'

The resource provides a series of seven lessons that encourage pupils to think about what the 'Union' flag represents, and for whom? They are encouraged to challenge the use of the Union flag, at various times, and by various groups of people, and then to consider how British national values have changed over the last 200 years.

By doing this activity pupils will develop those skills that are essential if they are to have the confidence to challenge extremist use of the Union flag, and to be able to effectively discuss and evaluate potentially controversial issues.

The additional weblinks within the resource provide ample opportunity to personalise the lessons or to tailor them to meet the needs of learners in different contexts. Teachers can also explore the use of image and symbolism in their relation to 'identity'.
Links across other subjects within resource
Citizenship, Geography
Additional support
The importance of history and citizenship is explored at

You can find more on the history of the Union Jack at

There is black in the Union jack might provoke debate and discussion

World Fact Book (flags of the world)

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