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Resource 3

The Historical Association History

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Birmingham Stories: Victorian Britain
Source: – The resource is available to download from the 'Birmingham Stories' website.
This activity designed to help Key Stage 2 pupils explores how Birmingham families lived during Victorian times, by looking at various artefacts and primary sources.

The lesson plan explores various changes both at home and at work, providing a simple overview of the changes that were part of the Industrial Revolution. Simple prompts ask pupils to explore how this might have affected family life. The extracts from the 1881 census, for part of Inge Street, show how much migration there was into Birmingham, both from the surrounding countryside and from overseas. This gives the teacher the opportunity to show that Britain's wealth, through the Industrial Revolution was, to a great degree, dependent on migration and thus to discuss the role of migration in wealth creation, not just today but historically too, thus encouraging an understanding of diversity whilst also promoting shared values of wealth creation and urbanisation.

This activity will also enable pupils to communicate their knowledge through a range of different formats including written, oral, question & answers and ICT. This resource could also be adapted for effective use at Key Stage 3, as an example of how to combine local history with raising issues about community cohesion.
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Additional support
Connecting Histories explores the histories of many of Birmingham's different communities, mostly in the Twentieth Century, and can be used to effectively build on the materials contained in the activity

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