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> Publications > Primary Project Box > Unit 4: Our changing world

Unit 4: Our changing world

Unit 4Lesson Plan

Download of lesson plan for unit 4 (.pdf)

Lesson resources

Places today and in the past (.ppt)
Making changes (.pdf)
Edge of town retail park (.ppt)
Shape travel (.pdf)
Travel in Tanzania (.ppt)
Trams: today and in the past (.ppt)


The following websites contain some additional material to help you both with your planning and with your teaching.


A simple picture of before and after, useful for looking at what has changed

Image of Maple leaf colour changes

Lots of mix and matching games selecting the right colours


Barnaby Bear’s recycling game, choosing items to recycle

An Australian site with very good quality pictures showing the changes caused by light, especially of Uluru (Ayers rock)


Barnaby uses a map around Dublin

Ideas for an autumn treasure trail collecting things in your local area


A Barnaby Bear game that looks at the changes that happen over time in a farmyard

Place objects into correct bedrooms from the years 1950 and 2000


Barnaby Bear visits Brittany and a supermarket (games and puzzles)

A school-created site about France with some adaptable material


Lesson ideas for KS1 including how much water you use

Water conservation useful facts and information


A tree photographed over four seasons

Access to the Naxos catalogue and sleeve information. Useful for finding particular classical pieces


What can you see? Illusions

Illusion - A duck or a rabbit?


Activities focussed on keeping healthy and growth

Pictures of World’s tallest man

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