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Unit 3: Our wider world

Unit 3Lesson Plan

Download of lesson plan for unit 3 (.pdf)

Lesson resources

Going shopping (.pdf)
Where do we go? What do we buy? (.pdf)


The following websites contain some additional material to help you create your planning and to use in your lessons.


Link to cool planet site (see geography and PE)

Good pictures of tropical fruit, all named (see geography)

Fruit and vegetable of the month chart


Health and safety posters which you can adapt

Roman ‘beware the dog’ from Pompeii


Cool planet site. Growing bananas (see art)

Good pictures of tropical fruit, all named (see art)


Place objects into correct bedrooms from the years 1950 and 2000

Put a variety of transport into their correct decade interactive game

This site allows you type in a date and all the main events of that day will be shown.


Activity sheets and ideas to print off – dealing with a variety of topic- birds, animals, people, jobs. Colours. For those beginning the French language

Introduction via games to learning starter words in a variety of contexts.

Barnaby goes shopping in a French supermarket


Barnaby finds his way around Dublin


Moving round this site creates different farmyard sounds

A good range of animal noises.

Useful material for lessons on different sounds

When visiting Marble Arch caves in N. Ireland sounds are heard which are made into a rhythm


Identify the sort of movement these minibeasts make

BBC science game that looks at pushes and pulls, useful for movement ideas

Fruit. Link to cool planet site. (see geography and art)


Barnaby watches and recognises wildlife from a hide

Good games and excellent photographs of minibeasts 1

Good games and excellent photographs of minibeasts 2

Good set of minibeast websites

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