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Primary Subjects

The CfSA has published six issues of Primary Subjects:

Primary Subjects 1:  Making Every Child Matter (example) printed copies available by post

Primary Subjects 2:  Supporting Gifted and Talented (example) printed copies available by post

Primary Subjects 3:  Engaging with Globalisation (example) printed copies available by post

Primary Subjects 4:  Learning Outside the Classroom (example) limited stock - hurry to order printed copy!  Also available as a download.

Primary Subjects 5:  Get Ready for the London 2012 Games (example)  available as a download

Primary Subjects 6:  Using Stories (example) available as a download 

Primary Subjects 7: Assessing for Learning (example) available as a download 


To purchase and download copies of Primary Subjects 1 - 5 click here.


Primary Subjects

Each issue of Primary Subjects is a quality publication of seventeen separate leaflets covering each of the England national curriculum subjects.  They are presented in a folder which makes them easy to distribute to subject leaders and classroom teachers.

Primary Subjects is a unique joint project bringing together the expertise and experience of the subject associations.  It is published on a termly basis and copies of the first five issues were sent free of charge to every primary school in England.

Secondary teachers, who usually teach in only one curriculum area, are often familiar with the work of subject associations and depend on them for advice, support, resources, CPD, and to lobby on behalf of their subject.  Primary teachers, even subject leaders, are often unaware of subject associations and the support they can offer.

Primary Subjects offer the expertise of subject associations to primary classroom teachers in the form of an accessible publication.

Primary Subjects has been designed so that it can be easily circulated and shared with subject leaders.  It consists of a series of pull-out articles, one for each national curriculum subject covered by the primary curriculum.

Primary Subjects is written with subject leaders particularly in mind; those teachers who are expected to be the advocate for, and source of specialist information about, a subject within a school.  The activities will be of use to other teachers interested in understanding and implementing current and future curriculum developments.

Primary teaching is challenging and teachers are bombarded by a plethora of information.  Primary Subjects offers practical help, based on classroom experience, in three ways:

  • Providing information and guidance for the management of the subject, including how recent or imminent changes have an impact

  • Describing classroom ideas and activities to try and share with colleagues

  • Bringing together up-to-date news of resources, CPD events, and interesting opportunities nationally

...and all that from the particular perspectives of each curriculum subject.

The contributors

The subject associations represent all of the different primary curriculum areas. The authors are teachers, advisers, researchers, all known for their experience and understanding of teaching and learning in primary classrooms and their expertise in the subject.

Why Primary Subjects

In each edition of Primary Subjects writers (or a group of writers from each subject) take different viewpoints of the same theme.  Some articles take a practical approach and describe activities easily replicated by classroom teachers, whilst others are more philosophical in nature.  You are bound to find something that will interest you and be of use in your school with your pupils.

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