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Resource 1

UKLA - UK Literacy Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
The British Film Institute: Look Again! A teaching guide to using film and television with three to eleven-year olds.
This is a Teaching Guide based on the premise that Moving Image media is an important and valuable part of our culture. It goes on to outline how important Movement Image education is to all citizens and its unique capacity for the development of cultural understanding. The guide underlines the value of watching and discussing programmes and films set in a range of cultures and how this supports the understanding of sameness and difference. This of course would include interpreting how other people are represented in the moving image and how this facilitates cultural understanding.

This web-based resource contains guidance on a range of teaching techniques that can be uses across key stages. Small case studies are included in the document to support teachers' understandings of the use of specific resources to look at representation. The guidance linking work on PSHE education can be used in conjunction with units of work within the primary framework to look at point of view.

The BFI publications Starting Stories and Story Shorts contain short films that can be used in the classroom:
  • Flatlife a short film about life in a block of flats is a good starting point for the discussion of the impact of one person's life on others and for exploring similarity and difference.
  • Otherwise is a short film exploring difference and would be a very sound beginning to exploring reactions to difference and the need for tolerance
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