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Primary English

UKLA - UK Literacy Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A list of resources for teachers to use in the classroom

  Resource Title and Teacher Guidance Brief Description of the Resource Accessibility
1 British Film Institute: Look again! This is a Teaching Guide based on the premise that Moving Image media is an important and valuable part of our culture. It goes on to outline how important Movement Image education is to all citizens and its unique capacity for the development of cultural understanding. This web-based resource also has an archive of film clips for use with social cohesion in the classroom that help support the understanding of sameness and difference.
KS 1&2
Fully accessible.
2 TIDE~ global learning TIDE~ global learning... a network of teachers and educators coming together to respond to the educational challenges of global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights principles. This website provides a range of resources to support teaching, inclusive of Tidetalk~ journal, which contains of a variety of articles by teachers and other educators sharing their experiences and stimulating critical dialogue about quality global learning.
KS 1&2
Fully accessible.
3 Reading Differences The rationale behind this discussion paper is to help children to be familiar with literature from other countries and cultures. Its principle aim is both to develop within children a knowledge of what to read but more crucially ways of reading. The resource provides teaching materials, ideas, leaflets and a reading list about ways of teaching to support community cohesion through the promotion of understanding of similarities and differences.
KS 2 - can easily be adapted for KS1
Fully accessible.
4 The Island The book The Island, by Armin Greder is a challenging picture book which depicts the reactions to a stranger coming to a small community. This resource, which uses accompanying teacher notes / teaching suggestions and teacher reviews from the publisher Allen and Unwin's website, are particularly useful in giving insights into how the words and visual images have been used by other teachers across Key Stages, giving effective starting points to tackle both community cohesion and acts of extreme violence. and
KS 2
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals.
This resource has also been identified for use in Drama.

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