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Resource 9

PSHE Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Bobby Friction: Generation 7/7
This 50 minute Teachers TV documentary features Radio 1 DJ Bobby Friction, a British Asian, who looks at how a shared identity has broken down into cultural and religious divides due to terrorist events taking place in recent years.

In this film, aimed at 14 to 19-year-olds, Friction explores what life is like for children of Asian descent growing up in the wake of 7/7 and 9/11. He notices a change in attitudes to Muslims and the role that media and propaganda has played in this change of attitude. Young Muslim men talk about how their identity has been affected and how they feel they have been pushed out of mainstream life and have a distrust of the media. Bobby also tries to find out how the identity of young people in Beeston, Leeds, where two of the British terrorist bombers came from, has been affected.

Radicalism is explored and how this fits with Islamic teaching and the experience of being educated in an Islamic school. A controversial rap song is also explored and the issues it raises around identity and religion.

Teaching and learning activities to accompany the film clip can be found on the Channel 4 website and will help teachers raise awareness about the media's role in manipulating people's perceptions. Students will consider and reflect upon different reactions to controversial issues and the importance of identity, religion and culture and personal and social responsibilities in an inclusive Britain.
Links across other subjects within resource
Religious education, Music and Citizenship.
Additional support
Teachernet teaching about controversial issues
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Bobby Friction

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