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Resource 5

PSHE Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
We work together... Can you?
This online resource, inclusive of downloadable teachers' notes & activities and other materials, is available to teachers of all Key Stages, working with children and young people to promote and contribute towards peace and understanding between people locally and globally.

The activities provide a platform for teachers looking at why working together is important, and link working together on a small scale to large-scale conflicts around the world. This resource also presents opportunities for exploring ideas about different cultures and beliefs. 

The materials available consist of a colourful poster that can be downloaded and 11 activities to choose from. Topics include:
  • Working together ( KS1)
  • same but different (KS1)
  • people matter - a web search activity ( KS2)
  • words matter (KS2)
  • solving conflict (KS2)
  • caught up in conflict (KS2)
  • in the news - looking at media reports of conflicts (KS3)
  • taking action. (KS4)
The resource was produced by the Interfaith Education Group - a number of charities looking for ways to help teachers deal with the impact of international interfaith and intercultural conflicts on their school.
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