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Resource 1

PSHE Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Health for Life Ages 4 - 7, by Noreen Wetton and Trefor Williams
Source: - see weblink below re. using Google Books
Extracts from this book, Health for Life Ages 4 - 7, by Noreen Wetton and Trefor Williams (2000), published by Nelson Thornes, help teachers to develop and deliver a joint and spirally developed programme for PSHE and Citizenship and provides a whole school, flexible response to curriculum requirements as well as encouraging involvement in the wider community.

A particularly relevant section of the book for building and promoting community cohesion is Key theme: Sensitive Issues - Me and my relationships Ages 6 - 7 pg 172 -196. The specific 'content boxes' and activities available to view for free via Google books include the following:
  • Key messages, pg 174
  • Content box 1 - Activity 1 & 2, pg 175-177
  • Content box 2 - Activity 1 & 2, pg 180-182; Activity 4, pg 184
  • Content box 4 - Activity 1, pg 188-199
  • Content box 6 - Activity 1, pg 194-196
  • Activity sheets, pg 198 onwards
Focus of teaching and learning:
  • Widening understanding of self and others, and their feelings (including adults)
  • Recognising and valuing others' possessions & preferences.
  • Recognising the impact of bullying on people's happiness and self esteem
  • Widening understanding of their growing responsibilities
Key skills and competencies:
Empathy; describing and categorising feelings, views and attitudes; describing and contrasting people, places and situations; reflecting on outcomes; recognising pressure; refusal skills; coping skills; widening the language of feelings using adjectives and adjectival phrases; differentiating skills; working within rule-based situations; storytelling.
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