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PSHE Education

PSHE Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A list of resources for teachers to use in the classroom

  Resource Title and Teacher Guidance Brief Description of the Resource Accessibility
1 Health for Life Ages 4 - 7 Extracts from this book, Health for Life Ages 4 - 7, by Noreen Wetton and Trefor Williams, help teachers to develop and deliver a joint and spirally developed programme for PSHE and Citizenship and provides a whole school, flexible response to curriculum requirements as well as encouraging involvement in the wider community. The focus of teaching and learning includes widening understanding of self and others, and their feelings and recognising and valuing others' possessions & preferences.
KS 1
Fully accessible.
2 DirectgovKids This website features different areas for teachers and parents and an interactive area for 'kids' (Key Stage 1 & 2) designed to help them find out more about the world around them. Pupils will gain an understanding of the purpose of the school council and the different ways they can contribute to whole-school or whole-year group discussions. This resource enables teachers to start discussions about democracy, equality, respect and responsibility and encourages pupils to work together and participate in their own school community.
KS 1&2
Fully accessible.
3 KS2 Anti-Racism with Man Utd - Show Racism the Red Card In this Teachers TV film clip, a group of Year 6 pupils attend the launch of Show Racism the Red Card's latest film. Back at school the pupils take part in a variety of activities to help them understand what it feels like to be a victim of racism and create pieces of work with an anti-racist message behind them. This resource can be used as a powerful tool to enter into contentious discussions with children and young people and engage them in a variety of anti-racist themed activities in a relevant and practical way.
Fully accessible.
4 Racism and the Beautiful Game This Teachers TV documentary considers the historical context of racism in football and explores progress made to combat racism in the British game. This resource looks at the how the racism in football has reflected the racism in society at large, and highlights a lack of recognition and action by the media and police. Racism and the Beautiful Game is thought provoking and excellent for stimulating informed discussion with particular regard to the role that the media plays in stereotyping and furthermore, the role that sport can play in combating these stereotypes.
KS 2
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals.
5 We work together... Can you? This online resource, inclusive of downloadable teachers' notes & activities and other materials, is available to teachers of all Key Stages, working with children and young people to promote and contribute towards peace and understanding between people locally and globally. The activities provide a platform for teachers looking at why working together is important, and link working together on a small scale to large-scale conflicts around the world. This resource also presents opportunities for exploring ideas about different cultures and beliefs.
KS 1&2 and 3&4 and above
Fully accessible.
6 Islamaphobia This Teachers TV documentary is an excellent exploration of the effects of Islamophobia featuring testimonies from young people and top footballers. The film helps learners to understand the personal experience of Muslim children and young people after the 7/7 and 9/11 events and footballers speak about how a team game such as football helps to unite all religions and nations. This resource is intended to combat racism by improving learners' understanding of the historical and current political climate, which have enabled Islamophobia to flourish, and helps to challenge ignorance and prejudice.
KS 3
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals.
This resource has also been identified for use in Religious education.
7 Right Here, Right Now Right Here, Right Now aims to link the concept of universal human rights with everyday experiences and helps teachers and students examine specific human rights issues such as poverty, discrimination and identity and diversity. This resource is designed to support the delivery of the revised KS3 Citizenship and PSHE education curriculum. Containing comprehensive background information and a series of lesson plans, Right Here, Right Now will support teachers in delivering lessons on human rights and puts human rights at the heart of the whole-school community.
KS 3
Fully accessible.
8 Offside Offside is a 4-part video series from the BBC online Learning Zone, which explores issues of accountability, racism, loyalty, racist language and honesty, between a group of footballers and the community they live in. The resource provides the stimulus for rich discussion and questioning on a variety of sensitive and contentious issues. Students are encouraged to consider the nature of racist abuse, think about how friendship can be strained by such tension and consider how different situations can alter loyalties.
Part 1/4: (refer to guidance page for successive weblinks to parts 2, 3 & 4)
Accompanying lesson plan:
KS 3&4
Fully accessible, however SEN teachers may need to differentiate to meet needs of individuals.
9 Generation 7/7 This Teachers TV film clip features Radio 1 DJ Bobby Friction, a British Asian, who looks at how a shared identity has broken down into cultural and religious divides due to terrorist events taking place in recent years. Teaching and learning activities to accompany the film clip will help teachers raise awareness about the media's role in manipulating people's perceptions, and students will explore the importance of identity, religion and culture and personal and social responsibilities in an inclusive Britain.
KS 4 and above
Fully accessible.

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