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Resource 5

National Association of Music Educators
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
'Hard-to-Teach': World Music
Source: scroll down and click on 'world music'.
This resource was developed by NAME with funding from Becta in response to secondary teachers' expressed needs for support in various areas of teaching. It offers guidance to those secondary teachers who are not confident about teaching types of music with which they are not familiar, and how they might make their activities more relevant and interesting for their students.

Four principles are outlines and explained:
  • Have a clear rationale
  • Context is important
  • Start from what students already know
  • World music does not have to be taught separately
The resource then offers six ideas for topics, themes and strategies that teachers can use with KS 3 students:
  • Rhythms around the world - including African, Indian and Japanese resources
  • Instruments around the world - with references to the Hornbostel classification system
  • Draw on students' cultural backgrounds - reflecting the population of your school
  • Internet research resources - ways of encouraging students to undertake their own research into different types of music
  • Online performances - websites which offer videos of musicians from different places performing and talking about their music
  • Software for world music - packages which are designed with music from different cultures in mind
Each of these topics has links to appropriate examples and resources, which teachers can adapt, develop and explore cross-culturally.

As well as aiming to encourage and help teachers to include a wider range of music in their curriculum offer to students, the guidance supports an integrated approach to what is now commonly called "world music" so that teachers and students can make links between the music of different cultures and their own experiences. NB each principle and idea involves some use of ICT.
Links across other subjects within resource
All the ideas involve some use of ICT.
Geography, History, PSHE education - study of other cultures.
Additional support further units of work and lesson plans supplied by teachers - click on resources, then "world music" under "hot topics". Some examples from the site:

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