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Resource 3

National Association of Music Educators
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Music for Change
Source: and (for preparatory work diagram)
Music for Change is an educational arts charity based in Canterbury that aims to promote awareness, understanding and respect for cultural diversity, and are committed to combating different forms of violent extremism, through music and the performing arts in order to achieve beneficial change. They work with artists from around the world, including Africa, the Caribbean, India, South America and Eastern Europe. They offer educational workshops, celebratory events and live performances.

The work is distinctive for the way in which they place the music and arts within its cultural context and use it as a starting point for exploration of a range of issues. These have included racism, immigration, migration, poverty and gun crime. In particular, Music for Change projects in partnerships with community organisations and work with artists can be a stimulus for teachers across a whole Key Stage wishing to engage in similar projects, workshops and performances with their pupils. Furthermore, teachers can work with music and arts groups, organisations, charities and artists from their local communities which can also enable them to initiate cross-curricular projects across the whole school community. (Some of these organisations can be found through Sound Sense, the professional association for community musicians and community organisations - see weblink below).

The preparatory work diagram offers useful guidance on how to make the most of sessions involving visiting musicians from other cultures, and how to make their impact more lasting. This includes suggestions for research that can be undertaken beforehand, an outline of possible links with other curriculum areas, ideas for follow-up work and a range of useful resources, mainly for Early Years, KS 1 and KS 2.
Links across other subjects within resource
Study of music in its cultural context can involve making links with Geography, PSHE education, Citizenship, History, RE.
Additional support
Professional association for community musicians and community music organisations
Global Dimension
Reading’s Development Education Centre

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