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Resource 1

National Association of Music Educators
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Global Music Lesson Plans
Source: - enter the website, select 'curriculum area' and select 'Music'
There are many resources which explore music from different cultures, but most of them deal with individual cultural traditions, thereby tending to focus on the differences between them. These Oxfam Global Music Lesson Plans focus more generally on musical features or conventions which are recognisable to young people in this country, and explore them using examples from different traditions. This helps to emphasise the similarities and connections between different cultures.

There are 5 lesson plans each for KS 1 and KS 2. Each focuses on a distinct musical feature and explores it cross-culturally. Lessons are structured with starters, main activities and plenaries. Resources such as song words, texts and music notation are provided, and links are given to websites providing video examples and other material. The resource shows clearly how the activities in the lessons contribute to the National Curriculum.

Some of the KS 2 plans can be extended to two lessons. You can also extend the activities by adding further musical examples that you are familiar with - e.g. Zorba's Dance in KS 1, lesson 1; lullabies from Dreamland CD (see below) in KS 1, lesson 4.
Links across other subjects within resource
All the units have clear links to Geography. In addition, there are links with Art (KS 2, lesson 1); Languages (KS 1, lesson 2), PE (KS 1, lesson 1, KS 2, lesson 3); PSHE education (KS 1, lesson 4, KS 2, lesson 3, 4).
Additional support
If some of the web links provided in the lesson plans are no longer available, alternatives include:

Key Stage 1
Lesson 1
Sikuriadas Kalinka Lesson 3
Kone carnival band Lesson 4
A number of Lullaby albums from around the world are available, including:
  • Dreamland. Putumayo PUT-212
  • Lullabies Around the World. Playasound B000EMF9SC
Lesson 5
Clips of Stomp which includes metallic instruments: and

Key Stage 2 Websites Books Recorded music
Some record companies are now producing themed collections which you can use either to supplement these units or develop new ones of your own. A short selection is given here:
  • Souffle (Breath). Musique du Monde 92704-2 compilation of music on wind instruments
  • Magical Lute. Auvidis A 6259 compilation of plucked stringed instruments
  • Choeurs des Cinq Continents. Wagram 3038562 double CD of vocal groups from around the world
  • Global Celebration. Ellipsis CD 3231/2/3/4 4-CD collection of music from festivals and celebrations around the world
  • Global Voices. Music of the World MOW 149 3-CD set of vocal music organised under traditional, sacred, contemporary

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