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Resource 3

Geographical Association
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Making Diversity Real In Teaching
Source: See attached pdf article 'Making diversity real in teaching'
There is a wealth of material that inspires a natural entry into diversity issues in the environmental sector. This article in Primary Geographer gives examples of how to directly engage pupils in order to awaken and instil the basic elements that make up the absorption of diversity as part of normal life:
  • Opening up the recognition of the presence of difference in continuity among those who are not different in an obvious way to those that we recognise as different straight away, usually through very superficial characteristics
  • Nurturing the enjoyment of difference
  • Experiencing that although there are differences, there are usually more things about people that are the same rather than different
  • Connecting in a real and meaningful way with others that are different but the same
  • Sharing and valuing difference.
The focus of the article is on using the pupils themselves as a key resource, drawing on them and their families, ideas and experiences and sharing those in the classroom. Through this sharing process, the children come to understand and value the contributions of other children who have a contrasting background whether by virtue of their ethnicity, their culture, their religion or their socio-economic background.
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Links with PSHE education, RE and Science.
Additional support
Black Environment Network - "BEN works to enable full ethnic participation in the built and natural environment. We are positioned as a catalyst for change"

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