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Resource 8

ACT - Association for Citizenship Teaching
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Community Cohesion: the experiences of an inner-city academy
Source: Crombie Community cohesion v2.doc
This is a nine-page article by ACT Council member Billy Crombie, giving practical advice on what the duty to promote community cohesion means in practice in schools and how the National Curriculum for Citizenship education can support it.

The author demonstrates how community cohesion principles can be applied in a Citizenship department, using Salford City Academy as an example. She shows how schools can build on the work they are already doing in this area and how this can be adapted to deliver Citizenship education while promoting community cohesion. Individual classes' or year groups' work can go beyond the classroom to involve the wider community.

The article gives practical advice and examples from a real school and can help inform teachers practice and understanding of community cohesion. For example:
  • Introducing an active Citizenship Day to respond to the increase in anti social behaviour;
  • Running active Citizenship campaigns with year seven, where pupils have chosen topics such as the lack of public transport on the estate, the lack of recreation space for young people and the increase in dog dirt;
  • Inviting community organisations into the school to work with pupils in years 9 & 10 to develop campaigns for GCSE coursework.
This article can help develop teachers' thinking about what community cohesion really entails and how a class can make a positive contribution to the community beyond the classroom in a wide range of situations. See below for additional resources that can support teachers' use of this article.
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This resource is specifically about the duty to promote community cohesion and possible links to Citizenship. It is especially useful as guidance for Citizenship subject leaders and headteachers developing whole school approaches.
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