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Resource 7

ACT - Association for Citizenship Teaching
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
Teach Rights
Source: - The resources are free to download from Amnesty's education webpage, once you have registered online for free.
This is a series of teaching resources, lesson plans and activity packs designed to inspire teachers to help classes explore issues of human rights in the UK, other countries and globally, through the 'lens' of Amnesty International. It helps teachers explore and inform students' understanding of controversial global and local issues such as 'Refugees and Asylum', 'Death Penalty', 'Modern Slavery', 'Poverty', 'Sexual Rights' and 'Traveller Rights'.

These topics are often intricately interrelated with community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism in that they consider the situations of multi-cultural societies, focusing on minority cultural or social groups and asking pupils to consider the social situation of these groups. By considering the situations of minority groups in society and the role of the society as a whole, pupils can start to explore, discuss and debate issues relating to social cohesion and community cohesion in other societies as well as their own communities.

These resources provide a starting point for young people to explore the inter-dependence of the world around them and the global nature of the concept of a human right as well as relating this back to their immediate community. Thus teachers can make direct links to local issues and understandings of 'community', 'extremism', 'religious identity' or similar. Framing this within the context of human rights provides an educational platform from which to explore conflicting rights and controversial human rights issues, encouraging democratic class debate and discussion of these issues with each other. The information in the teacher's notes can help guide teachers for informing and leading debate in a safe environment.

The issues can be used as powerful learning experiences to consider a variety of themes within community cohesion and can be used by Citizenship specialists and non-specialists alike.
Links across other subjects within resource
These resources are also useful in History, Geography, RE and English.
Additional support
Further organisations supporting the teaching of Human Rights in schools include:

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