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Resource 6

ACT - Association for Citizenship Teaching
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
War Child
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The aim of War Child website is to educate young people about war, especially the effect of conflict and poverty on young people. This is useful to explore community cohesion in a wider, global context and for comparison between communities living with war and communities that pupils are familiar with.

War Child has a range of Citizenship classroom resources aimed at students in years 9 to 11 freely available to download. This cohesive Scheme of Work includes seven interlinking lessons that are both easy to use and engaging for students; however teachers may have to differentiate work according to individual need. Each lesson is designed around a four-part lesson structure and includes clear objectives and learning outcomes.

These classroom resources have been designed around the Citizenship education curriculum in KS 3&4 and give students the opportunity to learn about a wide range of issues including child rights, conflict, global interdependence and active participation. The website is especially useful for encouraging debate and discussion about these issues within a safe learning environment. Each lesson is fully resourced and contains activities that allow flexibility in approach and delivery. The main lessons cover the following themes:
  • Understanding Global Interdependence
  • The Impact of War
  • Child Soldiers
  • Street Children in Conflict with the Law
  • Active Participation
  • Charity Planning Activity
Understanding Global Interdependence and the Rights of the Child is a particularly good resource on this site as it links learning about human rights and learning about war to pupils' own experiences.

Active Participation is another particularly good resource on this site as it links learning with active Citizenship, encouraging pupils to engage in their own society/community and campaign for change. This helps deliver GCSE requirements for campaigning in Citizenship.

There is also an online resource site designed by young people, for young people called Angry Mob and the charity group offers school visits, display materials and school fundraising packs - particularly useful for older pupils.
Links across other subjects within resource
Good links with RE and Geography.
Additional support
The Department for International Development:

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