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Resource 3

ACT - Association for Citizenship Teaching
Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
The website Who Do we Think We Are?
This website provides access to a wide range of teaching resources including learning resources, tool kits and guides, events, a discussion board and case studies of successful education projects undertaken with groups of children and young people to engage them in an exploration of identity and cultural diversity.

The website is not just intended to support teaching about issues to do with identity during WDWTWA? Week each year, rather to provide a series of activities that can be developed in a cross-curricular as well as a Citizenship education context. In particular, case studies involving active and creative learning outside the classroom in different community-based, arts and heritage settings, school-to-school linking and twinning initiatives and also partnership/exchange programmes for groups of young people and their teachers, will be beneficial in the teaching and learning of community cohesion. There is a section of the site for young people and details of how young people across the nation can get involved in such activities each year.

Teachers have accepted for a long time that students should learn about identity and diversity. Teaching about identity however, appears a difficult task altogether. In the first place, many aspects of a person's identity are private and may rightly be of no concern to the teacher. And in any case, many young people are still in the process of discovering their identities, which may continue to develop over time. So the question facing teachers is 'what aspects of a person's identity are relevant to the issue of diversity and community cohesion, and how, and in what ways can education do anything to influence someone's identity?
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This website is a partnership between Citizenship, History and Geography teaching associations and supports work in a variety of other subjects and whole school contexts.
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