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Resource 7

National Drama Drama

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
From Ancient new mutiny
Source: See attached Word document Unit of Work – drama strategies
The first part in this unit of work offers teachers and students an introductory summary of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, which has been distilled into 12 ‘images'. Teacher notes explain how this introductory resource can be used to give students an understanding of the play's plot and structure. The second part sets out Act One Scene One of the play which has also been structured into 12 units, each of which has a key defining title. Shakespeare's text here becomes a model of street violence and group hatred which can be examined using a wide range of drama strategies. This work, which lends itself to an analytical and discursive approach to the sources of violence and the structure of conflict escalation, will give students opportunities to engage in conflict resolution from within a shared fiction. This resource is particularly beneficial in offering teachers and students the opportunity to reflect on contemporary concerns relating to knife crime.

Teachers are guided through a range of different drama strategies and shown how these can be applied in context to the underlying themes and issues raised within the text. These strategies include teacher-in-role, thought-tracking, image-making and devising.

Romeo and Juliet is a particularly relevant tool to help students to engage with concepts such as group identity, belonging, prejudice, hatred and segregation as these themes are just as relevant today as they were when the play was first created.

Such conflicts are inevitable in the lives of young people, and what is important is to enable students to deal with these conflicts in ways which are constructive and creative rather than destructive and harmful. This resource also explains how Forum Theatre techniques can enable pupils to examine models of behaviour and conduct experiments in order to:
  • resolve a dispute
  • examine both sides of an argument
  • consider alternative courses of action
  • consider different uses of language
  • examine why people say and do certain things
  • make links between cause and effect
  • discuss why some people have power and others don't
Links across other subjects within resource
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