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Resource 3

National Drama Drama

Community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism
A resource for teachers to use in the classroom

Resource title
The Conquerors
Source: See attached pdf lesson plan A and Word document lesson plan B
These two different drama lessons (A and B) are based on the storyline of the picture book The Conquerors, by David McKee (2005), published by Anderson Press, which is about a General with a big army and 'the cannon' who takes over the world by force. The final country to invade is small, with a welcoming, peaceful community. The soldiers take off uniforms and gradually slip into the ways of the occupied country, which the absent General assumes he now controls.

Although it is not essential to obtain the picture book in order to carry out these drama lessons, both text and pictures in The Conquerors can be used to support classes to work in role to engage with and actively consider and explore complex issues around cultural diversity, multi-faith communities, respect and tolerance, as well as around conflict and peace.
  • Lesson A (Professor Jonothan Neelands) offers differentiated drama activities on the storyline for Gifted and Talented, EAL and SEN pupils. This is a CfSA Primary Subjects resource.
  • Lesson B (Patrice Baldwin) emphasises possible cross-curricular studies linked to the story drama that can be developed from the Lesson A drama lesson.
Drama Strategies and Conventions used include:
  • Lesson A Drama game, Teacher in role, Talking pictures, Still image, Movement, Teacher in role, Talking pictures, Thought – tracking, Small group play-making.
  • Lesson B Sculpting, Improvisation, Teacher in role, Eavesdropping, Working in role, Ritual, Small group play-making, Still Image, Performance Carousel, Thought-tracking, Sound Collage, Writing in role.
Links across other subjects within resource
Lesson B: Art, Music (instrument and song), Dance, Movement, English, Geography, History, PSHE education.
Additional support
  • The Conquerors, by David McGee (2005), published by Anderson Press; ISBN-13: 978-1593540784
  • For information about David McGee and his work
  • Free Peace-building Storytelling Guides and details of stories with peace themes
  • Improve your Primary School Through Drama, by Rachel Dickinson, Jonothan Neelands and Shenton Primary School (2006), published by David Fulton; ISBN 1-84312-306-1. An additional scheme of drama work.
  • The Primary Drama Handbook, by Patrice Baldwin (2006), published by Sage; ISBN-978-1-4129-2965-3. A step-by-step guide to teaching whole class cross-curricular primary drama.

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