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CfSA Response to Proposals for inspection arrangements for maintained schools and academies from January 2012

General comments

The CfSA is pleased that the achievement of pupils and the quality of teaching are two of the key areas proposed for the new inspection framework.  We believe that these inspections must be undertaken in the spirit of The Importance of Teaching which states that the new National Curriculum will have a greater focus on subject content.  In this context it is important the Ofsted re-establishes a subject-specific element to school inspection.  Currently the focus of whole school inspections is on the core subjects and there is a plethora of data on these.  A more testing measure of how well a primary school knows itself and is performing might be a focus on the other subjects in the curriculum. At present in secondary schools, inspection only considers subjects that a significant proportion of students take.  The reasons why students do not opt for particular subjects needs to be examined carefully for it might reveal weak teaching or a curriculum that fails to provide breadth, balance and equality of opportunity.

The full response can be downloaded here.

15 May 2011

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