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Pilot national CPD database

As part of an expanding package of support for the children’s workforce in schools, the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has developed a pilot national database of continuing professional development (CPD) provision.


The pilot database will be a valuable source of information on all CPD opportunities for the whole of the school workforce in England. It is the first port of call both for schools nationwide looking for development opportunities for their staff, or for staff themselves.


Users such can search and retrieve information on CPD provision and quickly compare what is available to meet the full and diverse range of individual development needs.


There are currently over 450 CPD providers registered who, in turn, have uploaded more than 2,100 pieces of provision. School leaders and other users can identify who these providers are, where they are, and what they offer.


All providers must adhere to a TDA-developed code of practice, which sets out expectations for high-quality CPD provision. So users looking for opportunities on the pilot database can be more confident in the quality of what is on offer there compared to what they might find elsewhere.


Users seeking CPD provision can visit and start searching now.


Providers who wish to register provision should go to http://cpdsearch.tda/ or click on the CPD provider area at the top of the user home page. It’s free to use and you could raise your organisation’s profile and tap into this huge potential market.


For more information please e-mail



Satvinder Kaur

Project Manager

Tel. 020 7023 4295


12 Mar 2009

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