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Incorporated Society of Musicians

Incorporated Society of Musicians

ISM Trust Making the future of music

The ISM Trust - the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) new charitable arm - has been created in 2015 with the clear purpose to ensure that we live in a society that values and supports the power of music and music education.

The ISM Trust will offer invaluable support, guidance, knowledge and encouragement to musicians and the wider music community so that music continues to be a strong and developing force within our society.

We will do this through advice and guidance documentsevents and professional development, shaping our programme according to the feedback we get from musicians and music lovers alike.

We will promote the value of music to society through research papers and information, which will continue to show the unique benefits that music brings to our world, be they economic, educational or in terms of health and wellbeing.

We will actively seek partnerships to make sure we develop and deliver the very best programmes which complement and enhance existing provision.


4 5 Inverness Mews, London W2 3JQ

Tel: 020 7221 3499


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